Counting Calories vs. Macros

What are the benefits to counting macros rather than just counting calories? Is it more effective with weight loss? Why?

Losing weight is really just a matter of eating fewer calories than you burn in a day--so cutting calories by any method can help you lose weight. However, the quality of your weight loss is vastly different when you just cut calories vs. count macros. We want to lose fat not just weight!

It’s important to eat enough protein in a calorie deficit--otherwise your body will break down muscles to use for energy (resulting in the dreaded “skinny fat” look). Adequate protein helps prevent muscle loss during a cut and it helps control your appetite by helping you feel fuller for longer. It doesn’t hurt that you burn the most calories digesting protein than the other 2 macros!

Our bodies use carbs for energy--not getting enough carbs can leave you feeling weak, emotional and unable to perform in workouts.

Fat is an essential nutrient that our bodies require to live. While calorie for calorie low fat dieting is more effective than low carb dieting--not getting enough fat can mess with your hormones and make weight loss difficult.

What is especially empowering about macros, is you train yourself about serving sizes, what macros are in what foods, what food combos work for you, what you like, how different foods make you feel, even different types of hunger! Understanding how many calories you burn in a day is like knowing how much money you have in the bank, you know what you have to spend and it helps clarify the wants wants/vs. needs of where you spend your money.