Do macros change when you're on your period?

Do your macro needs change during your period? I can be just fine the rest of the month but for that week, I feel like I’m starving!!

This isn’t news to any of us, but Premenstrual Syndrome can definitely impact our fitness goals--it hits us with a double whammy! We have food cravings that drive us towards carb & fat laden foods, and we experience increased bad moods, lack of energy & bloating that leaving want to say “To hell with it!" But a week’s worth of worth of indulging cravings, comfort eating and skipping exercise can overshadow the hard work we’ve put in hitting our numbers! The result: we don’t lose any weight – or worse still, actually gain a little. So what can you do??? Here are a few ideas/useful facts!

TRACK YOUR CYCLE: If you have a regular cycle, mark out the last week in your calendar so that you are mentally prepared for what is about to happen. SO many times we have been caught off guard asking: Why do I feel like this?...Why am I so hungry... Why do I just want carbs? Why is my digestion off? A few days later… oh that’s why…(maybe you can relate?).

PLAN AHEAD & MANAGE STRESS: Knowing when Aunt Flow is coming to town can help you game plan. Avoid planning stressful activities during this *special* times...anything that exacerbates stress fuels yearnings for high-calorie comfort foods. Prioritize stress management with the following tools:

Meditation and/ or deep breathing


Get enough sleep & rest

Get a massage

Don’t over commit yourself

Make time for fun & relaxation

Connect with others or spend time alone!

Avoid becoming overly hungry, eat regular meals and snacks throughout the day. Skipping a meal will only make you more irritable as blood sugar levels plummet!

If you find yourself having cravings you can’t beat then for that week, just go ahead and have an extra snack 200-300 calories. One that you ENJOY, and one that will satisfy your hungry or munchies! Sit down to enjoy it and truly savor the snack!