Forcing yourself to eat to hit macros

There are days when I feel like by the end of the day I’m forcing myself to eat just to meet my macros. Which is worse- being under on my macros or feeling like I’m over stuffing myself just to meet them. My calorie level is relatively low- like 1400 so it’s not like I’m eating a ton. Some days i guess I’m not as hungry?

Make sure you are spreading your food out throughout the day--especially your protein. 30-40 grams at each sitting, pre-log a good treat (that takes a good portion of your macros). A moderate deficit is best for weight loss--going too low too quickly can stress out your mind and your body---neither of which have a positive impact on weight loss.

HAVING SAID THAT--if you try spacing it out and your appetite is not adjusting--you may want to consider getting a blood test to make sure all your levels--including your thyroid are at appropriate levels!