How to prepare for social outings when you have no idea what the nutrition facts are?

Was wondering how to handle when a family invited your family over for dinner- not necessarily in how to log it- but how to prepare for it, esp when you have no idea what is going to be served. This happened yesterday- so I tried to make sure I was already close to my protein (which as a vegetarian is my hardest macro to hit) and had plenty of carbs and fats to play with. It worked out fine I think but was just wondering if you had any tips in this kind of situation since you can’t look at a restaurant menu and plan and pre-log. And I offered to bring some food but hostess did not want me to, so I was going in blind :-)

More times than not this is going to be the trickiest situation! Go into the situation with a lot of protein. Most of the time you’re not going to get more than 20-30g when you’re eating at someone’s house, and that’s at the most. Grabbing a protein shake ahead of time can help cut the appetite down a little, so you’re pacing yourself and making educated decisions about the spread. Plus it’s nice to go in not being starving. The longer you wait to eat, your decision making goes down, and you want to make sure you spend it the right way. Most of the time going out to eat or going to a friend’s house is going to cost you 600-1000. We don’t mean to frighten you and don’t want you necessarily starving yourself all day to fit it in, but just be aware that you’re probably not heading into a 300 calorie meal. Ultimately what we really want to convey to you though is to enjoy your life. Don’t say no to outings with friends and family. Just do your best to troubleshoot it!