New version of The Macro Challenge

My cousin did the macro challenge and said that I’m supposed to be doing a weekly weigh in and measurement and I don’t see an email that’s taking me to a place to do that.

The Macro Challenge has significantly changed over the course of the past year. This recent upgrade is our 3.0 version, where we are offering a lot more! If you signed up for the “Elite” package then you get weekly check-ins with a coach as well as received your custom macro count. If you signed up for the V.I.P. package then you received a custom macro count from us. If you signed up for the “Insider” package, then you receive access to all challenge materials as well as our “How to Calculate Your Macros Guide” which can be found by clicking that image on your home page. As far as tracking progress, we highly encourage you to be checking in with yourself and taking your measurements. You can use the weekly progress trackers & reflections in your “TMC Workbook” that is also on your home page.