Staying motivated after a vacation

How do you stay motivated and on track I’m having a hard time coming back from vacay?

Totally understandable! So my thoughts are these: what do you really want to do here? If you’re still motivated to chase your goals then it’s time to sit up and get back to work--give it some good effort! When you’re cutting you need to strike the balance between “meh, there’s always tomorrow” and “I must be perfect or there’s no point. We find that balance to be: “I’m in this, I’m giving it solid effort and I’m working hard”. It is not productive to drag out a half-hearted cut for weeks or months. That’s the most painful way to go about it. Get in, do a good job and get out. If you’re not feeling motivated to cut--AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH FEELING THAT WAY---then reverse!! You are not meant to cut forever. Absolutely reverse. You can create great results in maintenance, it’s a great thing to do for your body and mind.