Thoughts on cheat meals!

How do you guys feel about a once-a-week cheat meal? Should it really be “needed” when you could (theoretically) fit anything into your macros on a daily basis?

This is one of those questions that your answer is going to vary depending on who you talk to! Whether it’s “needed” or not is up to the individual! If you feel it’s needed, then go for it! If you feel like you can fit in a treat and aren’t deprived on your current numbers, then skip it! We will say over and over again that the bottom line is what can you be most consistent with. Ashton always enjoyed date night out or one untracked night a week. She stayed on target the rest of the week, and was more flexible on that one night a week. Most people want to know if they can have a “cheat” meal and still see progress. It just depends. You’re definitely going to be able to track your progress better the less cheat meals you have. But mentally to be in it for the long haul sometimes a “cheat meal” goes a long way! Some macro coaches give clients a refeed day. This is a scheduled high carb day and can be beneficial if you’ve been cutting for a long time. The purpose is to replenish your glycogen stores and also serves as a tracked mental break which some people do well with. We hesitate to give two sets of numbers, especially if you’re having a difficult time with one set of numbers, because one set of numbers is really all you need to see great success. Ashton has played around with high carb days, and she loves the mental break that it provides her when cutting. But it’s not a day to completely go A-wall and eat all the things. It still keeps you accountable as a tracked day, it just has higher carbs than normal. We strongly recommend not adding in refeed days until you get the hang of all of this!

“Cheat” meal is also not our favorite because it implies that you’re doing something wrong, and we couldn’t disagree more with that. We’ll say it time and time again that this is meant to be FLEXIBLE nutrition. So find a way of life and a way of eating that feels good that you can maintain and enjoy. Find an approach that will get you from A to B without an overwhelming amount of stress or hunger! You should never be hangry!

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