Tips for Traveling

What are some of your best tips for traveling?

Let’s talk about what not to do--before we get to what TO do.

Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to control everything.

If you’re on vacation--don’t live in deprivation the entire time. Your goals will still be here for you when you get back. Enjoy yourself--employ some moderation if you want to but understand that you’re far more likely to wreck your mindset than your physical progress.

So let’s talk about what you can do:

We find breakfast & snacks are the easiest meals to control while traveling. It’s typically lunch & dinner that are the wildcards. Pack or plan reasonable, satisfying or protein-packed portable breakfast & snack solutions for this! Our favorites to grab or bring along are McDonald’s Egg mcmuffin or a Egg White Delight, a Premier Protein Shakes, beef jerky or ½ a G2G bar.

If you know the plans for meals or restaurants, pre-log your meals so you can build your day around it! If you don’t know, remember that most meals are heavier on fat & carbs than we’d like them to be--so pre-game by staying high protein and rationing your fat & carbs. Use the sister account @butteryourmacros_restaurants, we’ve calculated the macros on over 60 restaurants!

If you are headed out what will likely be a decadent meal, take the edge off of your hunger so you can order wisely. Once again, we love to hit a protein shake or beef jerky--a snack high in protein but low in fat & carbs!

Whether it's taking the stairs, walking to the restaurant, find ways to move as much as you can—even if it means taking a bit of a detour (an adventure in itself!).