Switching from reverse to a cut back to a reverse: thoughts??

Hi! I’m in the middle of a reverse after a long and really low cut, and it’s going great! No weight gain, lost inches and I’m pretty confident I found my TDEE. But... I have a beach vacation on Jan 5. And I’m about 8 lbs from my ideal weight. Would it be a bad idea to cut these last few weeks before the trip? And then continue with the reverse/maintain when I get back?

We would not recommend that you go back into a cut. As a general rule you should be in maintenance for about as long as you were in a cut. Going back into a cut too soon will likely not get you any results--only because your body is too familiar with a low calorie level and your metabolism will just revert and you will quickly plateau. Our advice would be to add in a couple extra cardio/ HIIT sessions a week. Rather than eat less: work harder (keeping in mind that with extra work--you need to up your rest/recovery/self care).