Value in taking a break from exercise?

I'm curious if there is value in taking a break from exercise for a week or so. I am so burned out on exercise and have a plan for how to switch it up, but in the meantime I want to take a break. Is that helpful to do periodically? Should I change my macros during that time?

If you are only taking a week off, there’s no need to change your macros! It’s always a good thing to honor your feelings--I think this type of burn out happens to everyone at one time or another! You always need to listen to yourself and chase your inspiration! There’s a place for taking a break and there’s a place for pushing through--it all depends on YOU. If you are looking for specific results--you do need to follow specific protocols when it comes to exercise. But having said that, we are big believers that exercise in general does NOT need to look a certain way. To keep going in the long-term you have to listen to your body (and your mind), and do what you enjoy or find motivating!