I haven't been tracking for a couple of months now. I'm ready to. Not sure if I need to adjust my macros. Should I start tracking my current eating habits to see what my real intake is?

Starting to track and see where you’re at is a great move for a couple reasons: make the transitions in phases vs. a tear out the closet let’s do ALL the goals...which can easily come from an all-or-nothing, let’s tear out the closet and start all over, white knuckle it until you burn out kind of place.

Start tracking for 3-4 days. How do you feel? What are you noticing? Are you eating as low or as high as you thought? Make sure you’re tracking things like this! Maybe that’s jotting them down in a note on your iPhone or maybe that’s getting a separate little journal to keep track of how you’re feeling.

Second cuts that did not include a reverse can be tricky depending on where you left off. Were you in a plateau—meaning had your metabolism downshifted? If you haven’t pushed your metabolism back up through a reverse it could still be functioning at a lower level which will obviously cause a problem when you try to cut again!