With so many different tools out there to calculate macros, each giving you a different result, what's the best way to find what is best for you?

With so many calculators and coaches out there, you’re totally right. It can be confusing and overwhelming. Which is why when it comes down to it you need to understand that there are NO magic macros to give you the results you want. You can honestly find success with weight and/or fat loss with different macro ratios. This is because what matters MOST is overall calorie intake and adequate protein. The best approach is to stick to ONE set of numbers for at least 3 weeks, AT LEAST. Then (barring that you’ve been super consistent with those numbers) after the 3 weeks, take a look at the PROGRESS you’ve made. Use data that you’ve tracked (inches or lbs lost, PRs in the gym, pictures, how you’re feeling, etc…) to make OUTCOME-BASED decisions about how to proceed. Theoretically and put VERY simply, if you’re gaining weight with the macros you’re on, you’re in a calorie surplus. If you’re losing weight with the macros you’re on, you’re in a calorie deficit. If your weight stays the same, you’re in calorie balance.