Switching from reverse to a cut back to a reverse: thoughts??

Hi! I’m in the middle of a reverse after a long and really low cut, and it’s going great! No weight gain, lost inches and I’m pretty confident I found my TDEE. But... I have a beach vacation on Jan 5. And I’m about 8 lbs from my ideal weight. Would it be a bad idea to cut these last few weeks before the trip? And then continue with the reverse/maintain when I get back?

We would not recommend that you go back into a cut. As a general rule you should be in maintenance for about as long as you were in a cut. Going back into a cut too soon will likely not get you any results--only because your body is too familiar with a low calorie level and your metabolism will just revert and you will quickly plateau. Our advice would be to add in a couple extra cardio/ HIIT sessions a week. Rather than eat less: work harder (keeping in mind that with extra work--you need to up your rest/recovery/self care).

Value in taking a break from exercise?

I'm curious if there is value in taking a break from exercise for a week or so. I am so burned out on exercise and have a plan for how to switch it up, but in the meantime I want to take a break. Is that helpful to do periodically? Should I change my macros during that time?

If you are only taking a week off, there’s no need to change your macros! It’s always a good thing to honor your feelings--I think this type of burn out happens to everyone at one time or another! You always need to listen to yourself and chase your inspiration! There’s a place for taking a break and there’s a place for pushing through--it all depends on YOU. If you are looking for specific results--you do need to follow specific protocols when it comes to exercise. But having said that, we are big believers that exercise in general does NOT need to look a certain way. To keep going in the long-term you have to listen to your body (and your mind), and do what you enjoy or find motivating!

Mastered protein but working on other macros!

I have finally mastered hitting my protein, but find that I am frequently under on fat. Usually by 10 grams or so. Typically, I end up over in carbs by about that much and at least aim to hit my calories. How much of a problem is this? Should I lower my fat and increase my carbs? My fat goal is 58g and I'm usually at 45-48g or so.

It’s not a problem! Hitting your protein and calories is crucial--and this is not a huge discrepancy. You just want to make sure you don’t go too low with your fat but between 45-48 you are doing just fine!

Losing lbs but not inches

Is it a bad thing if I'm losing on the scale, but not losing inches? Can you explain what could be happening? I know I can't spot train, but I would love to see my waist size decrease!

It’s definitely not a bad thing--progress is progress! Abdominal fat can be notoriously hard to lose--so unfortunately it’s a question of patience and persistence and making sure you are targeting these factors:

1. Calorie Deficit

2. Hit your protein

3. Exercise (HIIT* & lifting weights)

4. Sleep & stress management

5. Overall consistency!


The last few days I’ve been right on macros but pushing my +5 carbs per night and I am always hungry. I wake up starving and am wanting to eat about 2 hours after my last meal. I was making it to 3-4 before. It’s increasingly harder to not snack in between meals leaving me without a macro cap and making dinner small. I also was down to 138.8 this am! The only thing I can think of is I did increase my orange theory workouts from 3 to 4-5 a week. But I also haven’t ran longer than 3 miles in 2-3 weeks... thoughts

Ok--so I spoke to some of this earlier--but we really want you to get to know your body and your patterns through this process. When you feel your appetite increase, double check your sleep and water--are you getting enough? Is this a part of your hormonal cycle that you can tough out or do you need a bit more just to see you through? See if you can add more volume or incorporate actual food vs protein bars and shakes. On a hungry day. add in +3F +15C and if you need to do that more than a couple times a week to be comfortable, up your macros. Look at your weekly results and make outcome based decisions! If you’re still seeing progress--keep going! If your progress plateaus you can bump your numbers back down or consider reversing and counting in maintenance! Your body may need a break from the stress of dieting.

Staying motivated after a vacation

How do you stay motivated and on track I’m having a hard time coming back from vacay?

Totally understandable! So my thoughts are these: what do you really want to do here? If you’re still motivated to chase your goals then it’s time to sit up and get back to work--give it some good effort! When you’re cutting you need to strike the balance between “meh, there’s always tomorrow” and “I must be perfect or there’s no point. We find that balance to be: “I’m in this, I’m giving it solid effort and I’m working hard”. It is not productive to drag out a half-hearted cut for weeks or months. That’s the most painful way to go about it. Get in, do a good job and get out. If you’re not feeling motivated to cut--AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH FEELING THAT WAY---then reverse!! You are not meant to cut forever. Absolutely reverse. You can create great results in maintenance, it’s a great thing to do for your body and mind.

How to track at parties

How do you stay on track at parties and outing when no one else is watching what they eat and you hear you can start over tomorrow or one cheat day won’t hurt?

Ok so this really comes down to you being in charge of your results. One of the best ways to build confidence is by keeping your commitments to yourself--to know that if you tell yourself you’ll do something, you’ll do it. You have your own back. Not tracking social situations becomes problematic when you decide in the rush of it, “oh screw it” and you then go extra overboard because you want to get it all in. If this happens often enough it can totally impact your results. Everyday you cut you are building a calorie deficit and one night of overindulgence can diminish or erase that deficit. We want you to decide with intention beforehand how you’re going to handle a social situation---and then do your best. Nobody is perfect. Even if you come away with “hey, I wasn’t spot on but it wasn’t as balls to the wall as I normally go”--to us that’s a win. You are in charge of your results. If you’re not seeing what you want, it’s time to troubleshoot and like I said earlier--tightening up the weighing and tracking, the untracked meals and the BLT’s is the first place to evaulate.