Welcome to The Macro Challenge!

We’re so glad you decided to pull the trigger on this journey, and we promise that as you dedicate yourself each week to using the challenge in its entirety, you will not only see the progress you desire on the outside, but you will make an incredible transformation on the INSIDE too! But before we dig into your materials and all the juicy resources you’ll have access to, let’s do some housekeeping.

Every time you log in to your account for The Macro Challenge you will be redirected to the "Members Home Base".  This is where you'll have access to the weekly outlines that are released each Sunday before the new week as well as all of your materials for the challenge!


Secondly...did we mention that we're so excited that you're here?!

Seriously we’re thrilled to have you, and can't wait to share in the MACRO MAGIC with you!  The very first step to this process is to thoroughly read through the Beginner’s Guide to Macros.  You can find that below! 


To be ready for The Macro Challenge you will need:

To read the Beginner's Guide to Macros.

To know your goals AND your “why”.

The My Fitness Pal App.

A food scale.

A flexible measuring tape.

To take and submit “before pictures”. (Please note: we use these pictures to calculate your numbers, we will NEVER post your pictures without specified consent from you).

To submit your Custom Macros Questionnaire & “before pictures” to receive your custom macro count.


Please note:

The Custom Macro Questionnaire is ONLY for the VIP and elite members of the challenge!

 Know Your Goal & Your Why

Having a goal in mind is really important when you are trying to achieve something! While we want you to be specific--don’t just set a scale number goal. Consider setting goals around your workout performance, how your clothes fit, measurements, pictures and how you feel! Keep in mind that there is a learning curve to counting macros--and sustainable weight loss is max 1-2 pounds a week! The path to your goal may very well continue past the length of this challenge!

It is also critical to know WHY you want to achieve your goal. A compelling reason or a clear vision that you can hold in your mind. Ask yourself:

What is your reason for wanting to change?

(For help clarifying this point check out our Change worksheet).

Picture yourself AT your goal, your end vision.

(Use 6 Months From Now & 12 Months From Now to write down & track your goals for the next year.)

Begin with this end in mind.

When things get tough, refer to this end vision and ask yourself - what do you want more?

If you want to learn more about setting goals check out our article on How to Be a Confident Goal Setter and our Goal Cultivation Worksheet.

Disclaimer: if you have 5 pounds or less, you could likely achieve this result in a reverse. The more narrow your margin for weight loss, the more difficult it can be to achieve and maintain. Follow this link for more on the Cost of Being Lean Infographic

The My Fitness Pal App

As soon as possible, we want you to download the My Fitness Pal (click here for iphone or here for android). The best way to learn how to use MFP is to just start logging!

We would love for you to start tracking TODAY!!! Tracking has a learning curve and it can take some time to get used to it! Do yourself a favor, and get ahead of the game by practicing logging now! Make note of any questions or points of confusion so we can talk about it in our private Facebook Page.

Just eat how you normally do, we would love to get an accurate reflection of your daily calorie level--we’ll be asking you for this in your custom numbers questionnaire (which we need back ASAP!!). So get to tracking, the more accurate you can be the more successful we can we gauging your numbers!

For VIP & Elite Members Only:

Custom Macros Questionnaire

Some reminders about the questionnaire!  Please answer the questions in the questionnaire completely and with as much detail as you can! This will help us get to know you better and more accurately calculate your custom macro numbers!

Please turn in your Questionnaire ASAP--within 48 hours of purchase would be ideal! We would love for you to immediately get into tracking and give us an average of what your calorie level and eating habits look like. But the priority is to
make sure you get the questionnaire turned in by the deadline!

The Macro Challenge Program

The three of us have had an incredible experience learning to count macros. We have found great personal strength & confidence—and we want that for you. We will be right by your side as we troubleshoot, share and learn through this process. We’re in this together!


Each week you will receive a new weekly theme, a #hashtag challenge, recipes, workouts and a progress tracker PDF!  You will be able to see each week's new material the Sunday before the new week starts!

PRIVATE FACEBOOK PAGE and coaching questions

Our most favorite thing about The Macro Challenge is our private Facebook page. We love to see you all working and learning together; sharing what strategies are working, supporting each other and cheering each other on!

We will be holding weekly coaching calls where we will be answering FAQ’s, so please submit your questions using our FAQ form. You'll find a link below as well as a button on your home page! You will receive an email each week announcing the time of our weekly coaching calls; we will also post a text version of the FAQ’s for your reading pleasure.

As coach’s we will pop into the Facebook page whenever possible, but if you have a question for the us--please use the button below and submit an FAQ form! Facebook feeds do not run on a linear timeline so questions can easily get lost or buried!! Please use the FAQ form!


CHECK-INS (if applicable)

If you purchased a Macro Challenge Elite ($159) package, you will receive a check in survey from us that will be due every Monday. We will review and record your progress and you will receive a personalized response from us within 24 hours of receiving your check in.

If you purchased the Insider($79) or VIP($109) package feel free to use the private Facebook page for accountability & support; consider reaching out to another challenger for accountability partner.  Don’t forget to check in with yourself using the Weekly Reflections portion of your Progress Tracker (found on your home page)!  There is a template for EACH week with the coordinating weekly theme.


Each day of The Macro Challenge, you will receive an email from us with info, tips, macro strategies, myth-busters and inspiration! Our goal is to provide you with as much information as possible--but don’t get overwhelmed! We will be repeating and reinforcing EVERYTHING that is critical to your success--so you can’t miss a thing!


$200 grand prize + $200 worth of some of our favorite things!

We will also we giving weekly prizes to the winners of our weekly challenges (those who use the hashtag of the week are entered into a lottery for the weekly prizes). You must submit "before pictures" to be eligible for the $200 grand prize!

As you work towards your goals it’s also important to remember that self-improvement is a construction project, not a demolition derby. To build health in body & mind we have to use Positive Self-Talk—the kind of thoughts that encourage hope, love and self-acceptance. We have found great strength in each other both in counting macros and in creating this challenge—and we want that you to find that same strength. As your coaches, we’ll be there to support and encourage you—as well as to answer any questions you might have along the way!

Ashton - Heidi - Natalie