Dining Out: Asian


How to Eat Asian Food

Asia has amazing food: vibrant veggies, satisfying taste profiles & adventure wrapped into one. Not for the faint of heart (brain, eye-balls, duck feet-you losing your appetite yet?), it's also flavorful, intense & a little goes a long way. Don't ask for utensils. Eat w/chopsticks--it'll slow you down! Avoid fried/battered or noodle dishes & milk curries.


…is not your enemy! Goes further than noodles. For 1/2 cup serving(bulb size)…

White=F0.2 C23 P2

Brown=F0.9 C23 P2.5

Basically the same folks.


1/2 cup (124g) F6 C2.3 P10

High in protein, high in carbs, Asian fare usually has tofu options. (Science is split on soy being good or bad, we'll let you decide how you feel).


Chinese food is notorious for sauteing ask food be prepped w/little or no oil. They'll look at you like you're insane but don't worry, they look at everyone that way. Watch out—one order can be four or more servings (we hate you P.F. Changs)!! Luckily lots of dishes have veggies & lean proteins. Broccoli beef, Buddha delight(veggie tofu), steamed fillet, & egg drop soup are good choices.

Low sauces…

Hoisin: F0.5 C7 P0.5 (T)

Soy Sauce: F.01 C0.8 P1.3 (T)


Thai food uses lime juice & sauce lending flavor not fat. Ditch fried spring rolls & opt for summer rolls (rice paper wrapped). Go Chicken Satay, peanut sauce on the side.

Peanut Sauce (2T costs about C7 F5 P3)

Pass on coconut curry & anything w/the word "pla" in it (a red flag for oil). Go for Hot & Sour Soup, Cashew, Papaya Salad & Thai lettuce wraps.


Go Teriyaki Chicken & Beef w/sauce on the side (1T = C3 P1). Sashimi (Sushi w/NO RICE) is going to be high in protein with low fat. Salmon & tuna have high fat & avoid rolls w/mayo & anything deep fried(I'll miss you crunchy roll). Also good: Maki Sushi on rice--keep in mind that rice portion. Approximate numbers for one roll (six pieces):

Avocado Roll F5.7 C28 P2

Cucumber Roll C30 P6

California Roll F7 C38 P9

Tuna Roll F2 C27 P24

Salmon & Avocado Roll F8.74 C2 P13

Shrimp Tempura Roll F21 C64 P20

Spicy Tuna Roll F11 C26 P24

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