Dining Out: Italian


How to Eat Italian Food

Ah Bella. Just the thought of Italian food makes us as weepy as an Italian Opera. You say Italian, we say CARBS. Pasta is SO amazing—in any shape it's satisfying & mystifying...(spaghetti to penne—such a different experience, no?) So don’t say arrivederci just yet. Here's how to have your spumoni & eat it tiramisu.

Say Ciao to the bread basket.

Italian restaurants are notorious for it. Can’t resist? Take one & pass it on & ask for no refills. It’s easy to mindlessly eat bread & butter while waiting to order—but it can add up. If you love balsamic & olive oil, mix yours w/mostly balsamic. Olive oil,“healthy oil”, still costs you 14g fat per Tablespoon. But we get it. It takes some serious mind over matter to dodge an Olive

Garden breadstick (F2.5 C25 P4)

Start with soup.

Pasta Fagioli, Minestrone, Cioppino, Italian Wedding or broth based soups are your best friends. Eating soup fills you up, plus between the heat & the spoon—it's hard to scarf quickly. Pass on calamari, fried mozzarella, or a cheese platter & opt for seasonal veggies, stuffed mushrooms (watch the filling), & bruschetta.

Main Dish.

Cuddle up with your amore Lady & the Tramp style & share an entree! If you’re flying solo, try ordering off the kids menu—a friendlier serving size (generally 2 oz F1 C42 P7- what the what we can hit like 10oz like a boss). Go with tomato based sauces like arrabiata and marinara & turn a cold shoulder to Alfredo (he was never that nice to you anyway). Seafood & primavera options are great for lean protein & high veggies, or substitute a grilled chicken breast (or add another!) instead of anything breaded. Most Italian restaurants will also have thin crust pizzas—get one piled high w/protein & although they’ll have cheese, you’ll save on the carbs pasta costs & need to eat less to feel satisfied.


Cheesecake (F28 C32 P7)

Tiramisu (F31 C42 P8)

Cannolis (F12 C27 P7)

Italian desserts are super rich & decadent. Share those macros & enjoy a bite or two!

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