Dining Out: Mexican


How to Eat Mexican Food


Let’s get right to the heart of the matter: do we have a solution for tortilla chips? No. No we do not. If this is a trigger food, ask that they not be brought to the table. If you can dance with the salted devil, put a counted portion of 10 chips on a plate and enjoy the hell out of those unfriendly buggers. Portion out guac by the tablespoon, ask for fresh veggies to dip. FYI broth based tortilla soups can be super low--or super high depending on oil content.

2 T Salsa: 0F 2C 0P

2 T Guacamole: 4F 2C 1P

10 Chips (1oz): 7F 18.5C 2P


They typically come loaded with ground beef, tortilla strips, cheese, sour cream & beans all nestled inside a throne of fried tortilla--registering one 50F 60C. Swap beef for lean sirloin, grilled chicken, shrimp or fish. Order salad in a bowl (not a taco shell), and ALL toppings/dressings on the side. Use salsa as dressing.


Avoid hard shell & choose corn over flour. Try lettuce wrapping tacos, toppings on the side, sub avocado & salsa for cheese & sour cream. Get double meat on one taco! Street style tacos usually contain grilled meat--have them made on 1 corn tortilla instead of the usual 2. Order fajitas and build yourself using grilled meats; make them filling by loading on veggies.

6” Corn Tortilla: .5F 8C 1P

Flour Tortilla: 2.5F 18C 3P


Choose black or pinto over refried beans or rice (while delish-often cooked w/lard).

4 oz (½ cup) Black: .4F 20.4C 7.5P

4 oz (½ cup) Pinto: .7F 19C 6.5P


Surprisingly decent on macros, opt for Churros, sorbet or flan. Classic waistline preserver: 1 dessert & 4 spoons.

Churro (15 inch/2oz): 14F 25C 4P

Flan (½ cup/153g): 6F 35C 7P