When I'm Thin...

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Wanting to relax and live your life without always thinking "When I'm thin..."  The torture with that mindset is never ending, and it can be a really hard mindset to quit.  

Something that really stuck with us from a book called "Health at Every Size" by Linda Bacon is that it's way too easy to believe that a thin body will right everything that's wrong in your world.  And the truth is...it won't. Linda Bacon discusses how that can be a tough pill to swallow because we cling for so long to this idea that once we lose the weight we want to lose everything will just be BETTER. But instead we need to shift the focus on increased self-acceptance and taking power away from your weight.  THAT will do much more to improve your life than any weight lost.

We want you to do something for us...

Think about what you have always believed you will gain from being thinner.  When I'm thin, __________________ .


Now that you've listed or thought of some of those things that you have tied to losing weight, you can almost feel how threatening it is to all of a sudden take the pressure off of losing weight and accepting yourself as you are right now.  It almost sends mixed signals! But the reality is that if you don't accept yourself as a worthy, amazing human being AS YOU ARE, the chances of you finding value in yourself even if you're thinner are slim.

Today we challenge you to zone in on this....Start living your life fully right now, in your present body, because waiting until you lose weight is a big ol' waste of time.  Everything that you said after the phrase "When I'm thin __________..." is available to you NOW. As you become more and more accepting of yourself (TRULY accepting of yourself), you'll find that you will make better choices that support a healthy body.

Just like they discuss in the book, instead of thinking about "When I'm thin...." think instead...

"What can I do to be happier?"

 Go after THOSE answers. Instead of thinking that in order to go after those things that make you happy you have to FIRST tackle being thin.

That's just not the case!!!

We love your guts.