Eating Slowly


If you want to truly make some changes that will last for your entire life, it’s going to take more than macros to get you there!  A total shift of mindset. So this is one of our favorite habits because we think when we slow down and try to be intentional about our eating experience, it can really help us build positive eating habits!


At each meal this next week, take a few minutes to simply...PAUSE.

Put your utensils down after every few bites and take a breath.  When you take a bite, notice and enjoy the texture and taste of the food!  A little over the top maybe, but this practice can REALLY help you on your way to one day even letting go of macros and STILL being able to live a healthy, happy life!

After taking a moment to really enjoy the texture and taste of the food, take another breath or maybe sip of water.  Relax. If you're still hungry and want to finish your snack or meal, then GO FOR IT. But if you are feeling like you might be full, no need to finish your plate just because you tracked it or made it!

And that's it! A small tactic that can really help build awareness of your eating habits and experience!

Food is meant to be enjoyed!

Some thoughts from Coach Ashton on how mindful eating and building awareness during her eating experience like eating slowly were game changers for her as she used flexible nutrition (tracking macros) as a guide!



I've found that by AVOIDING the foods I really wanted, it usually ended up in me over-eating them anyways.  So as opposed to building a wall between me and the food I wanted, I gave myself permission to ENJOY MY FOOD.  I was free! I decided that nights out like your dad's birthday or vacations with your family were times for MODERATION.  They were times for me to give myself permission to ENJOY the experience. No that doesn't mean over-do or eat until I feel sick.  But I gave myself permission to ENJOY AND SAVOR the experience. I have found so much success in simply EATING SLOWLY when I'm out for a date night!


This also brought me so much freedom!  Don't feel pressure to clean your plate, but recognize that you can if you want to!  That's why being intentional about eating slowly is so important! You're giving yourself enough time to actually listen to your body and recognize if you're still hungry.  But also SAVORING the experience. If you’re a part of our 8-Week Macro Challenge, you’ll hear me talk about this a lot!

This kind of mindful eating is going to help you be more intentional about your eating experience, and can truly help you build positive eating habits!  Just like any other skill you’re trying to master, it takes practice! One step at a time, and we want you to know...

You CAN have a positive relationship with food.

Don't expect a 180 overnight, but DO expect to see slow & steady progress as you take ACTION and don't ever give up on yourself!