How to Eat Ice Cream



I scream, you scream...we’ve all screamed. Annnnd we’ve done our share of kicking too! Nothing can melt your macro motivation quite like a spontaneous macro busting social-eating “Let’s go get ice cream!”. But just like your cake--you can have your ice cream and eat it too! Here are some tips to wisen up your choices while at your local parlour!

Standard scoop = 1/2 cup/3.5 - 4oz (size of tennis ball)
Kid sized scoop = 2 - 2.5oz

Lean toward sorbets & frozen yogurts! They will GENERALLY be fat-free, with a similar carb count to ice cream. Soft serve contains more air so it will have a friendlier (perhaps less satisfying?) macro content. “Light” ice creams will have lower fat, but will be similar if not heavier in carbs (on account of extra sugar to make it tasty).
Go topless! Appreciate your frozen treat au natural without any enhancements--but if you decide to augment--go with fresh fruit! It's a great way to add to your cup sized scoop.
Eating from a cup is a great option, but cones are pretty reasonable and can extend a 1-scoop experience and add an element of completion. But stay away from waffle cones--they will dwarf your ice cream portion, and cost you near as much as a second scoop!

Average macro content on cones:
Cake Cone 0F 5C 0P
Sugar Cone 0.5F 9C 1P
Waffle Cone 3.5F 29C 2P

MCDONALD’S SOFT SERVE (including cone): 5F 23C 5P

BEN & JERRY’S (1 scoop/85g serving size)
Raspberry Greek Frozen Yogurt 5F 21C 4P
Lemonade Sorbet 0F 20C 0P
Strawberry Ice Cream 9F 18C 3P

COLD STONE (“Like it”/142g serving size)
Skinny Vanilla 7F 39C 8P
Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Ice Cream 19F 32C 5P
Triple Berry Sorbet 0F 35C 4P

BASKIN ROBBINS (4oz scoop size)
BRight Choices Fat Free Vanilla Frozen Yogurt 0F 26C 5P
BRight Choices Lemon Sorbet 0F 25C 0P
BRight Choices Premium Churned (No Sugar Added) Caramel Truffle Ice Cream 8F 38C 5P

HAAGEN-DAZS (1 scoop/½ cup)
Mango Sorbet 0F 38C 0P
Cookies & Cream Ice Cream 16F 22C 4P
Chocolate Fudge Brownie Frozen Yogurt 2.5F 35C 9P

And then of course, there's our favorite ice cream sundaes by the sundae queen herself, Lillie Tells All. Follow her on Instagram as @lillielovesmacros , and you'll have access to all her macro-friendly recipes!  They're delish!

Healthy Chocolate Mint Protein "Ice Cream" Sundae

Macro Friendly Warm Ice Cream Sunday

Skinny Double Chocolate Oatmeal "Brownie" Sundae

Double Chocolate Protein Mighty Muffin Sundae

What are some of your favorite ice cream treats?  Is ice cream your jam, or would you rather fit in a different treat!?

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