Top 6 Ideal Fit Favorites

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Happy Birthday Ideal Fit!

It’s the last day of the Ideal Fit sale, where some of their site is up to 50% off! Ashton is an ambassador for Ideal Fit, so she’s going to share with you her top 5 favorites from the sale! Some must have supplements and a couple of her favorite Ideal Fit clothing items!

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Protein Powder

You know how important protein is at this point. If not be sure to read up on it, HERE. If you’re new to macros and tracking protein intake, you may be wondering, “How the heck am I supposed to hit that!?” A lot of women struggle to hit their protein when they first start out, so our NUMBER 1 recommendation for supplementation is a high quality, tasty protein powder! For the birthday sale, protein powder is 30% off! Plus an additional 10% off using my code MACROMOM. You can also find a list of 20 healthy, high-protein snacks HERE.

Favorite flavors:

  • Mint Chocolate

  • Caramel Mocha

  • Chocolate Brownie

  • Chocolate Coconut

  • French Vanilla

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The second must-have supplement I recommend is BCAAs. If you don’t know what BCAAs are or what their purpose is, THIS page will give you some great information! Scroll to the bottom, and there are some FAQs about BCAAs. Currently for the birthday sale you can get 1 tub for $34.99 OR you can get 2 for $53! That’s a steal, and I usually don’t see that kind of deal for BCAAs. Plus an additional 10% off using my code MACROMOM, as always.

Favorite Flavors:

  • Peach Lemonade

  • Raspberry Lemonade

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Peanut Butter Powder

Do y’all use peanut butter powder? I absolutely love Ideal Fit’s peanut butter powder. I’ve used other brands before, but am hooked on this one. Tastes amazing! It’s no secret peanut butter is the bee’s knees and freaking delicious, but depending on your goals, it might be hard to satisfy that PB craving and eat the right portion to support your goals. Which is why this stuff if the ultimate solution! Amazing PB flavor, but lower in calories and fat. Great to add in shakes and yogurt! 45 calories and 1.5g fat for 2 tbsp. It’s a staple in my house!

On sale for $12.99 for the birthday sale that ends tonight! Usually $19.99!

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Core Full Length Leggings

These are my absolute favorite leggings! Hands DOWN. They are high-waisted, so they slim those hips, contour that booty, and fit like a dream. They are squat-proof - absolute no see-through, so you can get as deep as you need to in those squats or clean & jerks or snatches for all my crossfitting gals! They come in navy, grey, black, and tropical print. They’re 20% off right now for $38, plus use my code MACROMOM for steeper discount.

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Core Capri Black Leggings

These are my other favorite leggings from Ideal Fit! These fit super dreamy. They have a softer, more breathable feel to them than the Core Full Length Leggings, but they’re STILL squat-proof. No see through! And they have the cutest mesh detail on the bottom. Plus I love the length of the capris! Hit in the perfect spot on your shin. They’re a customer favorite at Ideal Fit! Fitness clothing for everyone.

On sale for $38.99 right now (don’t forget it ends tonight!), plus additional 10% off using code MACROMOM.

Resistance Bands.jpg

Resistance Bands

I use these babies EVERY day to warm up for Crossfit. It’s so important to activate your muscles before working out, and I loves using these bands to activate my glutes to prevent injury and help me get the best workout possible! They’re also great for home workouts. Click HERE for some Halloween inspired home workouts - throw on the resistance bands for any squats for every resistance. Seriously a staple! They come with three, ranging from light to heavy resistance. They’re a crucial part of my gym bag!

25% off right now for the birthday sale, $12.99, plus use my 10% off code MACROMOM.

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And there you have it! My top 6 favorite items from Ideal Fit that I use practically everyday! I guess the only things I might not use everyday are the leggings because #laundryday and the bands because #restday.

Happy shopping ladies!