Why You're Not Hitting Your Protein Goal


For a new macro counter hitting your protein number might feel unreachable. It might look unattainable. But we want you to know you’re not alone! Many women who start tracking they’re macros struggle to hit their protein at first. When starting anything new, there’s a learning curve to be expected, and protein is the first thing on that learning curve in our opinion!

It’s pretty eye opening to realize how much protein your body needs, isn't it?!

But you know what? It makes sense since your body uses protein for almost everything it does!

You burn the most calories digesting protein and staggering your intake through the day helps you feel full and satisfied!

So even if you don’t ️ protein yet—it loves you!

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In a cut your protein remains high while your carbs & fat are lowered—so you tend to rely more heavily on protein shakes etc. to hit your protein number.

However...when you are eating at a maintenance level your macro ratios won’t be so offset...

...and you will be able to fit in lots of regular foods with lots more ease.

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Water Warning!

Make sure to take your water intake up!

It’s not that protein makes you constipated it’s that it takes more water to digest protein!

So make sure you’re making a dedicated effort to drink more water!

And hit between 25-25 grams of fiber to keep things...well...moving along.

Tips for Hitting Your Protein Goal

If you’re hungry—go for protein!

When you’re sitting to eat: eat your protein first!

Have a high protein source at every meal, 20-30 grams at each sitting!

Always have at least 3 easy grab proteins on hand!

Ordering a sandwich/taco/salad etc? Ask for double the protein! 

Making a recipe? Double the protein!

Wherever you can double up!

Craving something sweet? Answer it with a protein shake or bar!
Both have a rep for being notoriously sweet, so that ought to kick (or at least dent) your munchiness!

Look at protein bars as a macro-friendly dessert—they are not a necessity to hit your protein number, but a treat that's fairly easy to fit into your day!


Our Favorite Quick Grab Protein Sources:

Some ideas to hit your protein goal!

Rotisserie Chicken (5oz = 37g protein)

Dickey’s BBQ smoked chicken (4oz = 20g protein)

Columbus Herb Turkey luncheon meat (3oz = 20g protein))

Columbus Turkey Bacon (12g protein)

Daisy 2% Cottage Cheese (13g protein)

Chicken patties (20g protein)

Turkey burger (35g protein)

Chobani Greek Yogurt (14g protein)

Cheese Head Light String Cheese (7g protein)

Fairlife Fat Free Milk (13g protein)

Costco 2.JPG
Costco 3.JPG
Costco 1.JPG

Our Favorite Ready To Drink Protein Shakes:

Premier Protein (30g protein)

GNC Lean Shake (vanilla bean) (25g protein)

Fairlife Core Power Elite (42g protein)

Mint Chocolate Ideal Fit.jpg

Our Favorite Protein Powders

IdealFit (use code MACROMOM for 10% off)


Optimum Nutrition

Collagen protein powder

High Fitness (use code BUTTERYOURMACROS for 10% off)

Clean Simple Eats (Simply Vanilla!)

Our Favorite Protein Bars:

G2G Bars (use code BUTTER for 20% off)

Fit Crunch

Power Crunch

Square Organics (use code BUTTERYOURMACROS for 20% off)

Rx Bars (some are risky, but the maple sea salt & dark chocolate sea salt are amazing)

Bottom line, is don’t be discouraged by the learning curve in the beginning! With some time, practice, and persistence, you’ll be a pro at protein in no time! You got this!

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