Progress Over Perfection


Progress is a direction and a process, not an outcome.

In other words, you can feel good progress, even if you fall short of a desired goal (for example, perfection). Developing our capacities does not change, increase or prove worth...worth exists at birth, already infinite and unchanging.

Rather, as we grow we express our worth. 

Developing our capacities is a way of loving ourselves.

Sharing them is a way of loving others.

As we do we change our perceptions of ourselves.

We experience ourselves with more joy, appreciation, and satisfaction.

We see our true, core selves more clearly, and we put ourselves in the sunlight where we shine brighter.

As you set out to grow and enjoy the process, some people (including you) might “rain on your parade” by reminding you in one way or another that you and your efforts are less than perfect.

Instead of fighting back or trying to build yourself up—try doing just the opposite.

Simply accept the fact that you are broken, flawed and imperfect. 

Accept your shortcomings with honesty and inner peace. 

The surprising result is that you can often gain invulnerability when you make yourself completely vulnerable and defenseless.

This is known as the Acceptance Paradox and is based on the idea that you can achieve success by accepting your failure. 

  • You can transcend your limits when you accept them.

  • You can gain renewed strength when you accept your weakness.

  • You can suddenly feel whole when you accept the fact that you are broken.


There are some important differences between healthy and unhealthy self-acceptance.

First off, you accept the fact that you have specific deficiencies...but you REJECT the idea that you are totally worthless.

In unhealthy self-acceptance you view your defects as unacceptable and worthy of condemnation.  There is no hope or room for growth.

In contrast...

...healthy acceptance acknowledges that you have many shortcomings, but you refuse to write yourself off and you maintain a spirit of self-respect.

It’s ok. You are human.

And then there’s the difference that has to do with change.

Healthy self-acceptance leads to personal growth.

People who feel hopeless and worthless often write themselves off.

They use all their energy feeling inadequate and criticizing themselves,
but nothing ever changes.

In contrast, when you accept your shortcomings without any loss of self-esteem, you will often have more energy and motivation to change.

Let’s take a look back RIGHT NOW at how far you’ve come...what progress have you made towards your goals?

Progress not just surrounding the scale or your physical appearance…

  • How do you feel?

  • How is has your relationship with food changed?

  • How is your energy?

  • How have you improved keeping commitments to yourself?

  • How do you feel about your progress?

  • If it is not what you would like it to be, what is standing in your way?



Imagine for a second…

  1. Having the relationship with food you’ve always dreamed of.

  2. Losing the weight for good and loving the process.

  3. Believing in yourself, thinking "I can do this." 

  4. Going on trips and knowing how to eat, have fun, and be in total control.

  5. Never worrying your weight is going to come back.

Do you believe us?