Dear Girl Who Eats 1200 Calories


Dear Girl who eats 1200 calories,

I get it. I started macros because I was sure I was eating too much too..but guess what? I quickly realized that without weighing & measuring my food I would actually SHORT MYSELF. Without proof I would always assume that I ate too much...that I did a terrible job...that I blew it. And I realized that I was doing this on ALL levels of my life. I never gave myself credit for anything, never allowed myself to feel good about me or my decisions--there was always a flaw, always something more I "should" have done, always something that could have been better.

But here's the thing: if you could guilt and shame yourself or your body into being better--I'm certain I would have been an ultra-wise supermodel ages ago. And here's another thing...

The more you belittle yourself the smaller and weaker you become.

Your body (like your mind) truly wants to be in balance. When you under-eat for a long period of time, your metabolism will slow to match that calorie your reward for eating as little as possible is that over have to eat less and less and less to lose weight. And at 1000 calories or less you are not losing just fat you’re losing muscle also...which leads to the dreaded "skinny fat" look. The same goes for you as an individual. The more you belittle and berate yourself, the more you ruthlessly editorialize your behavior--constantly nagging yourself about all the things you should be and all the things you’re not...the more your hope dissolves, the more your motivation dwindles and the more you either live in sadness or in anger...or in both.

I know it goes against EVERYTHING we have been taught as women. The answer is always DO MORE and HAVE LESS. But don’t we all WANT BALANCE in our lives? In our our minds...and we need it in our diets (a.k.a. a reversal to maintenance for starters)...Sometimes it starts with the mind and the body follows...but sometimes you must start with the body to make a believer of the mind.


A women who understands

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