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Just saw a meme that said Sunday is a reminder that you don't have your shiz together at all. Mondays. Usually met with apprehension and dread, but it's not Monday's fault! It's the New Years Day of weekdays, the start again fresh I'm-going-to-do-better-day. How do we look forward to them? Let's love on them.

Think of it as a “getting back in the saddle day.” They're beautifully predictable, whether it's school, work, activities. So while hectic, you know what you expect unlike the weekends! Build your plans around how your day generally lands.

Replenish your fridge and pantries! We don't know about you but we'd rather go cliff diving without a harness than go to Costco on the weekend. Make your lists and fill them so your fridge and pantry are stocked and ready to help you succeed.

You can use our FREE grocery list & macro meal planners to help you plan out your week!

Macro Challenge Weekly Meal Planner

Macro Challenge Blank Grocery List

Pick something new to do or work on! Make one weekly goal and just hit it 5 days. Drink more water? Walk everyday? 10 minutes of exercise? Meditating? Creating a weekly goal and accomplishing it on the first day sets the week up for success!

Get something NEW to eat! Pick one of the 1,000 recipes you’ve bookmarked and actually try it. Adding something new to the rotation keeps things fresh and exciting.

You’ve seen a million Monday motivations, so PICK ONE! Find a quote that matches your vibe and adopt it as your mantra for the week. Creating a “theme” will help the week feel fluid, despite it’s busyness!