How To Find Your Way

Macros can be overwhelming & discouraging.

It’s easy to feel lost with so many opinions, strategies, experts, & meal plans. It can seem extreme & excessive (Really?! Weighing EVERYTHING?). But the secret to success is simple: you must find YOUR way.

Don’t diet.

You will stay more motivated if you don’t feel restricted. Diets are about deprivation & denial. But macro life is flexible--the options & variety= infinite! Just map it out! Dieting is a traffic-clogged commute--macros is an adventure.

Make macros fit your life.

Don’t make your life fit macros. Be realistic. So you can’t see the future & meal plan 24/7? OK! Work has you eating out everyday? OK! Check nutrition info at your go-to haunts. “Hangriness” got you making poor choices? Have some easy-to-fit options on hand. Do NOT drastically overhaul life. Be patient w/ yourself as you get used to counting. You're not a clown. Purging & replacing the naughty traps in your life is an evolution.

Lighten up your favorite foods.

You can still have them! Research some healthy swaps, you’ll be shocked at how they don’t rob flavor & make the macros friendlier!

Try things but don't eat if you don’t like!

Kale isn't your jam? No prob. Try spinach, arugula, zoodles etc--they will still Popeye your pecs! Eat things you enjoy. Get inspired & use imagination! Did you know there are 10,000+ species of mushrooms? Holy shiitake! There’s something there for everyone.

Realize what works for someone else is just that - what works for SOMEONE ELSE.

We all get advice, suggestions & testimonials about a certain approach. You know YOUR body, YOUR mind & YOUR life better than anyone. You decide what to take & what to leave. You decide what fuel you put in & what energy you expend. Everyone's macro numbers's are unique & so are everyone’s goals. You are one of a kind. Use macros as a chance to gain more self-respect & self-love & to better understand your resolution to food. You’ve got this & we’ve got your back.

Comment YOUR way below! We want to know what’s working for you!

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