How to Read a Menu


Here are some of our best tips for navigating a menu when you don't know the nutritional info!

CHECK AHEAD.  Scroll through @butteryourmacros_restaurants for nutrition info on 50+ restaurants! If you don't see the menu macros you need, check the restaurant website to find out if nutrition info is available.

GUESS HIGH.  When guesstimating restaurant foods err on the high side--generally it will cost you more macros than you want it to!

READ descriptions carefully to spy the high cost ingredients. Typically the more simple the description = fewer components = the lower the macro-cost.

LOOK FOR words like grilled, baked, raw or boiled.

AVOID words like fried, breaded/crusted, creamy, buttery (except us).

THINK SMALL BITES. Ordering an appetizer as your entree can be a smart move for built in portion control (and totally worth doing if it makes fitting in dessert a little easier).

SALAD is not always the safe bet! Creamy dressings can be hideously high in fat & carbs so:


Order dressings on the side. Don't forget the fork dip trick!

Save precious fat grams by choosing grilled proteins over fried. Opt for a fat-free dressing before a vinaigrette or creamy dressing.

Salad toppings can end up costing you MORE than a hamburger and fries! Beware of cheeses, nuts, dried fruit, avocado & any crunchy add-ins like tortilla chips, wonton strips & croutons.


BREAD. Just because it has bread doesn’t mean you should avoid it!! Sandwiches can be super satisfying...& you can see the ingredients pretty clearly. Pick off any unnecessary toppings & if you need to cut carbs, enjoy your sandwich open faced!

WATCH those sneaky sides! Mashed potatoes (carbs! butter!), macaroni salad (carbs! mayo!), loaded baked potato (carbs! fat!), fries are all gonna cost you crazy macros. SO: Opt for steamed veggies when possible & always ask for sauces & dressings on the side.

BUT please don’t forget: YOU’RE GOING OUT TO EAT! Be strategic and do your very best to make your food choices align with your goals (you've been working hard!)-- but don't pass up the chance skip kitchen duty and share in some company!