Know Yourself, Know Your Habits


Let's paint a picture shall we?  About a month or so ago, you started a new diet bet, healthy eating challenge with a friend, or just started some sort of weight loss program.  You're halfway through the program and are proud of how far you've come.  But MAN are you tired! Motivation is dwindling,  patience is wearing thin, exhaustion is kicking in, and you start to wonder if you’ll ever really be able to reach your goals!

From the BOTTOM of our hearts, we beg you to fight these feelings!  Take some SPECIFIC down time to regroup and refocus.  Be patient and remember that you are not in a sprint, you are in this for the long haul! 

Let's talk about knowing yourself.

In the macro game, it can be SUPER easy to look to the gal to the left, look to the gal to the right, and wonder, “how did they fit that in?” or “they make it look so easy” or “how do they have time”, "they're so organized", "I should be like that"...

Let us just stop you dead in your tracks.  Don’t get caught up in trying to count like someone else!  Macros looks different for everyone!  That’s the beauty of the process y’all.  Macros allows you the flexibility (key word here) to discover what works best for YOU.

Figure out what works for you!

Ask yourself:

When are you most hungry during the day?

When do you know you need to save up those carbs and fats?

What really throws you off your groove?

What sets you up for the greatest success?

What throws you over the edge?

What are your trigger foods?

This self-evaluation process is how you make macros work for YOU.

“Flexible Dieting is the scientific approach to nutrition by finding a system that works for you in order to achieve your current physical and training goals.  True flexible dieters shouldn’t live by any set of rigid rules but by a relaxed set of flexible guidelines.  This is a lifestyle and it needs to be treated as such.  Try not to think of flexible dieting as a counting tracking system, but as a simple and effective way to reach your goals with minimal angst and maximal potential.  All while consuming the foods you love.” (Krissy Mae Cagney, Flexible Dieting 2.0)