Hitting your macros 

The more consistent you are in hitting your numbers, the better your results will be. You don’t need to pay attention to calories, unless I’ve spoken to you otherwise. Since each macro has a caloric value--if you hit your macros, you are also hitting your calories. To be consistent make sure that you:

Log everything you eat. You can’t count it if you don’t log it!

Weigh and track everything you can whenever you can!

Every day hit your targeted macros within +/- 5 grams.

Don’t eat less! Eating less than your macros can actually suspend weight loss. *I say don’t eat less just because you think it will accelerate your weight loss.  BUT I also don’t want you to stuff your face just for the sake of hitting your numbers.  This should not be an issue though.  

Try not to eat more! Eating more than your macros can erase your deficit, slowing weight loss or even causing weight gain.  


If you are struggling to hit your macros, focus on hitting protein.

If you must go over on a macro, carbs is typically the best one to have an excess of--it’s the easiest source of energy for your body to metabolize.

Be especially cautious in going over on fat grams. Since fat is calorie-dense (9 calories per gram), going over can easily erase your calorie deficit.