Do You Have Good Habits?

We’ve talked before about some strategies to modify habits or recurring difficult situations to make macro counting a bit easier... let's talk about creating habits.

There are 2 important rules for success when developing habits:

1. Start small.

Don't try to revolutionize your whole life and expect to be 100% perfect.

Just try to be a little bit better every day.

2. Recognize and celebrate your wins

(big & small).


Some habits that are totally worth developing are:

Weighing and tracking

Take the time to weigh and track your food.

Eyeballing portions is ok on the fly--but it is in your best interest to weigh EVERYTHING you can.

Especially high calorie foods like nut butters, oils and cheese.

And track EVERYTHING...

even the BLT's (bites, licks & taste's).

Even if you have to admit to MFP you went over your macros, track it all.

As you do you’ll begin to notice patterns in your eating and see with more clarity exactly what is worth it to you and what isn’t.

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Apart from the obvious benefits of exercise, research shows that exercise facilitates the desire to make a variety of other positive changes like:

Eating better

Being more productive

Spending less money

Feeling less stressed

And it doesn't have to be much exercise!

Even as little as once a week is enough to kick start these other changes.

However, a better way to approach the exercise habit is starting with just 5 minutes a day, every day, until the habit is established.

Positive thinking

Actively changing your mindset can be challenging work--but it is SO worth it.

Viewing your life and circumstances from positive point of view creates an attitude of confidence and energy that promotes many other positive habits.

If you practice the habit of positive thinking, even when you don't feel positive, you will eventually change your mood and outlook.

Review our empowering thoughts worksheet for some positive mantras you can turn to!

This will impact your desire to perform a variety of other behaviors that will improve your life.

Planning your day the night before

When you get in the habit of planning your goals and priorities for the following day, you commit to specific actions that are productive and positive.

When you write down these daily goals, you are far more likely to complete them!

Use our Daily Intentions & Nightly Reflections worksheets!

REMEMBER you should ration your willpower just like you ration your macros!!