Done is Better Than Perfect

How to Get It All Done

Who’s feeling busy these days????

The holiday season can really add a ton to our plates--a plate that already felt a little overcrowded anyways, right?

Well. First...let’s go back to a basic truth about our brains (this is true about MY brain and it’s true about YOURS).

Our brain’s main job is to keep us alive.

One of the ways it does this is by helping us conserve energy.

It doesn’t want us to do things that are too hard--whether those things are physical, mental or emotional.

It wants to conserve that energy just in case there is a huge crisis or danger of some kind.

Sometimes we think of it as our brain tries to “sell” us a story that may or may not be good for us (or get us closer to our goals)--so remember that “buying” what your brain is trying to “sell” you is always optional!

Before we get to thoughts though, let’s talk about FEELINGS because feelings are the fuel for our action.

If we want to get everything done on our to-do list, it’s helpful to look at the feelings/ emotions that slow us down or even stop us from getting things done!

So let’s talk about a few main negative emotions:


One of the main stories our brains try to sell us on.

What kind of action does feeling overwhelmed create?

You’re right: either not very much or not very effective action.

For example: If I need to get the laundry done and I’m overwhelmed with how behind I am and there’s so much to do and I’m never going to catch up on it…

...then I don’t really want to do it. I can trick myself or will-power myself though it.

But while I’m doing it in these emotions I’m not able to find creative solutions or ways to improve the way I do the laundry or my experience while I’m doing it!

Each one of us has a corner of our brains that is creative, brilliant and capable of finding amazing solutions to our problems--but that part of our brain is not available to us when we are overwhelmed!!


Indecision zaps our energy and creative resources.

We have so many choices available to us--there are literally millions of options to choose from for anything we might be interested in.

Even a product in the grocery store--there are dozens of options.

“I just can’t decide.”

This just slows us down.

Some decisions might warrant more time than others--but ultimately there is no PERFECT choice. There is no BEST.
Just pick one and go,

We can all save soooooo much time if we give ourselves a limited amount of time to make the decision = make it = and move forward.

thoughts and emotions 2.jpg
thoughts and emotions.jpg

Don’t do things out of obligation/guilt/resentment.

These negative emotions will make it very challenging to be effective or enjoy your life.

When you’re exhausted it’s not from doing too much.

It’s from doing it from negative emotions.

So decide how you want to feel and then...

take action:

1. Have a weekly meeting with yourself where you list out everything that you need to do. For projects or things that have multiple steps--break them down into individual tasks.

2. Prioritize tasks and assign them to different days of the week.

3. GIVE EACH ITEM A TIME LIMIT. Decide before how much time you will allow for each task. YOU decide how long the grocery store or the menu planning takes--not the other way around! This will enable you to find creative solutions and alternatives.

4. Honor your commitment to yourself. If you said you were going to do it that day, do it. Show up for yourself the same way you would if you committed it to somebody else. It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel like doing it, discomfort is the price we pay for change!! Oftentimes once you get going it’s not that bad!! Dreading it is often way worse than the actuality of whatever it is!!

5. Procrastinate ahead of time--that is move up the deadline! For example: Finish your Christmas Shopping by Dec 11.

Use our December 2018 Planning Guide to help you TAKE ACTION this month!

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