Eyeballing Portions


A handy chicken breast eyeballing infographic for you because we looooooove you! Use this as a quick reference!! The card to the left is for scale- the same size as any card in your wallet.

Take the time to challenge your guesstimating skills, even at home! Guess the ounces before you weigh at home to speed up the learning curve!

This is an AVERAGE macro content for cooked chicken breast (no fat added):

1 oz (28g) = F1 C0 P8

2 oz (56g) = F2 C0 P16

3 oz (84g) = F3 C0 P24

4 oz (112g) = F4 C0 P32

5 oz (140g) = F5 C0 P40

6 oz (168g) = F6 C0 P48

Do you know how big your breasts are? ;)