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How to Handle Gateway Grub (GG)

Let's talk GATEWAY GRUB. GG’s are the foods that zap our resolve, lead to sugar crashes & all sorts of messy decisions.


I've realized that any type of morning pastry is a GG for me. My decision making gets foggy after a muffin, cinnamon roll or a doughnut. Generally I have doughnut in the afternoon after I’ve had some momentum.


A heavy breakfast is also a GG for me. It's hard to stare down the rest of my day feeling like I've spent a lot of my macros. Having something sweet on an empty stomach is also no bueno, I tend to overdo it & usually get a headache! I also have a hard time eating breadsticks, chips & cookies in moderation--if I have 1 it’s hard not to have 10.


I don’t know if there’s a specific Gateway Grub as much as there is a Gateway Time. Right before dinner if I’m making it on empty stomach, I literally start snacking and can’t stop. I finally learned that I need to have a pre-dinner snack like 30 minutes before dinner. Or plan to have a pre-portioned snack while I’m making dinner.



Make sure you’re padded with protein prior to gateway grub consumption. Having something in your stomach will help you slow your roll & enjoy it instead of igniting the empty stomach gimme gimmes. Have a protein shake (with a scoop of @perkenergy) to make it an experience & get that protein in.


My husband pokes fun at those of us who get a knife & cut our GG in half. “Like you’re not going to end up eating the whole thing” (says the guy who eats a doughnut in two bites). We say, DO IT. Deciding incrementally how bad you want more will either a) change the amount you eat or B) make you thoughtful about eating the entire thing!! If it ends up being the whole thing = awesome. You made the decision that it’s worth it to you instead of just consuming because you picked it up.

Plan or pre-log your GG.

Knowing I have something I love waiting for me at the end of the day is helps me hang on when I hit a low patch!

We wanna know what your GG’s are! Salty chips? PB M&M’s? Cashews? Cookies? French Fries? How do you pace yourself? Share with us on the Facebook page!