I Think I Can

Our view of the world is created by our thoughts. But we don’t see our thoughts, we just see this view of the world and then we call it our “reality”. So to change our reality, we MUST identify and change our thoughts. This is a simple but revolutionary idea that can give you much greater control over the way you feel. The idea is not new. In fact, it goes all the way back to a Greek philosopher named Epictetus who said, “Men are not disturbed by things, but by the views they take of them.” In other words, our thoughts--not actual events--create our moods. The bad things that happen do not really cause us to be upset. We get upset because of the way we think about these events.

Only one person in this world can ever make you feel depressed, worried, or angry--and that person is you. Truly embracing this idea can change your life.

For example: you might feel angry if you caught the flu and tell yourself “This is unfair! I’m too busy for this crap. Why does this always have to happen when I have way too much to do!” In contrast, you might feel relieved if you thought about it like this “I have been working too hard. Now I have a good excuse to crawl into bed and baby myself for a few days. The world isn’t going to come to a crashing halt!” In both cases the actual event is the same, and the different feelings are created by the different ways of thinking about it.

Can you think of a time when you were upset? Perhaps it was when you were taking your progress pictures. Maybe it was a comment someone made to you. 

What were you thinking? What were you feeling? Use the Thought Download Worksheet to get it all out on paper.

Gaining awareness over your thoughts is the first step towards creating a different result in your life. 

Pull any of the thoughts or feelings you identified and try examining them with The Model (Your Model Worksheet). See if you can identify some of the illogical and distorted thoughts and question them. Is there another way to look at the situation? Are there other thoughts you can redirect your brain to? Try scanning our list of Empowering Thoughts & Affirmations for alternatives! 

When we can CHANGE illogical, self-critical or painful thoughts, we can CHANGE the way we FEEL.