How to Track Progress

You might not think the concept of weighing yourself is complicated—but it kinda is! How (and when) you weigh yourself is important for understanding and tracking your progress.

And speaking of tracking your progress...make sure you download your weekly progress tracker

1. Weigh yourself FIRST thing in the morning!

BEFORE you eat anything...but AFTER you use the bathroom!

And please remember that your weight can fluctuate 3-5 pounds depending on...

  • Hormonal cycles

  • The last time you ate

  • Sodium intake

  • The calibration of the scale

  • Stress

  • Your sleep schedule

  • Undigested food in your stomach

  • Needing to poop

  • Had a tough workout recently

  • Take your measurements!

2. Use a flexible measuring tape and measure in the same spot each week!

We recommend you measure around the narrowest part of your waist and around your belly button!

3. Snap some progress pics!

We get it, there are plenty of things we'd rather do to...but please believe us—you'll be happy you did. Pictures reveal body composition change that can otherwise be easy to dismiss!

Feeling discouraged about progress?

…please read this love letter from The Scale herself to put things into perspective!