How to Weekend

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We all look forward to the weekend—and just because you’re counting macros doesn’t mean weekends have to be your downfall!

Weekends are a great opportunity to employ more of the ‘flexy’ side of flexible dieting!

So here are a few tips to help you rock your weekend instead of your weekend rocking you!

1. Know your weekend events

Take a look at your weekend event line up and decide WHERE you want to use your flexibility.

Girls night out? Brunch with your man?

If you’ve got a date night coming up—don’t waste your time at the soccer game snack shack.

If you’re headed to a family dinner that’s likely going to be high-fat (and high-pressure), then skip the matinee movie theater popcorn. 

Build around the events, meals or occasions that mean the most to you!

2. Add...don't subtract!

Focus on making macros work FOR you—figure out what you can have and what you don't mind giving up!

Look for opportunities to be active!

Make sure you have some quick grab protein sources on hand!

Yes, weekends can be chaotic but while your schedule may be gone with the wind—your motivation doesn’t have to be.

You can still play it smart and make conscious choices!

Set yourself up for success by having options on hand: protein shakes, luncheon meat, frozen dinners etc.

Stay on top of your hunger by spreading your protein throughout the day and choosing high volume foods!

A pre-game weekend example:

I’ve got F40 C103 P34 waiting for me at Old Spaghetti Factory tonight--it's my sister’s birthday and I wanna make it fit!

I usually never log before I’ve eaten it, but Spaghetti with Mizithra Cheese requires more macrobatics than the average night out.

There’s bread, salad/soup option, and Spumoni on the table too, but I’m letting my pregame during the day decide whether or not I skip or not.

If my plan is successful—I’ll add in those extras.

If I’m starving and feeling snacky—I’ll be sure to eat instead.

Going into an evening with hangry notions is going to make it easier to say “later” to my goals instead of feeling prepped and happy.

On days like today where the fat is going to hit my MFP hard, I protein shake twice to meet my protein goal without using much of my fat grams.

I’ll still have a meal to keep me satiated till tonight- zoodles with chicken breast, a salad with fat free dressing, or a sandwich with laughing cow and plenty of low luncheon meat piled high.

And now back to your regularly scheduled eating…

That's right—you just get right back to it...don't throw the day away.

Don't waste the rest of the weekend.

Get back to it with your next bite.

No matter what happens—remember that it’s what you do the MAJORITY of the time that will make the difference.

So whether you stayed on the wagon or fell off—even if you have wagon tracks on your back—one meal, one day, one weekend CANNOT wreck you—it can only wreck your mindset.

So even if you didn’t track, even if you didn’t weigh, even if you didn’t hit your macro targets—just decide now to get right back to it—and get right back to it right away!