In a headspace about how to finish off your macros?!  Weird macros at the end of the day have you feeling like how am I going to fill these?!  We’ve got you covered with these macrometers to help give you some ideas for when you’re in a pickle!

Carbs +Fat

Out of protein, but still have FATS & CARBS??? When you're starting out this seems ridiculous, how could this ever happen?? But believe me it does happen occasionally! This is a great time to break out your bucket list and cash in on something delicious--love every last shred of it and get ready for tomorrow!

🍶 Cold cereal
🍝Pasta (alfredo, marinara, pesto)
🍜Ramen noodles
🍦Ice cream
💡Potato chips
🎯Nut butters
🍟French fries
🎆Bagel w/Cream cheese
🍊Fruit (including juices)

Protein +Carbs

OUT of FAT but left with CARBS & PROTEIN? Here's some quick ideas to help you hit those numbers. {Some of these require a little fat, but that's where you can use that +/- 5 rule 😉}

🍍Fruit (get that 🍌), fruit juices, applesauce
🥕Veggies with fat free ranch or fresh lemon squeezed
🥛Protein shakes
🍥Cereal with non fat Fairlife milk
🍞Toast or English muffin with jam
🥞Pancakes and syrup
🇬🇷fat free Greek yogurt with fruit
🍫No Pudge brownie!!!
🍘Oatmeal with brown sugar/ grits
🍧Pudding cup
🍝Pasta with Barilla marinara
🧀Fat free cheese- cottage
🥐Bagel with fat free cream cheese
🍨Sorbet, sherbet, fat free froyo
🥚Egg whites/ egg substitutes
🍗Extra lean meat cuts
🥖Pita bread
🍰Angel food cake
🌽Low fat microwave popcorn
🍬Hard and jelly candies
🍜Broth or vegetable soups

Protein + Fat

Out of carbs but still need PROTEIN & FAT? Think skin-on (not breaded meats, or lettuce wrapped chicken salad) You can still have some fun with this one!!! Some of these items will have some carb content - it can be so tricky to hit a lot of fat without some carbs attached--but at least they are the best macro to be over on!

💛 Butter
♨️Oil (olive, coconut, avocado)
🍶 Heavy Cream
🐟 Fish (tuna, tilapia, cod, salmon etc)
🐂 Beef (jerky, ground, steak & fattier cuts)
🐖 Pork (any cut - plus sausage and 🥓)
🐓 Chicken, skin on
🦃 Turkey, skin on
🐑 Lamb
🛶 Ranch dressing (most salad dressings)
🏳 Mayo (watch for added carbs)
🐄 Cottage cheese
🧀 Cheese
🍳 Eggs
🌿 Sour Cream
🥑 Avocado
🐿 Seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, chia, hemp, flax)
🌴 Coconut (shredded, flaked)
🇬🇷 Yogurt (Greek or full fat)
🥜 Nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans, macadamia, pistachio, peanuts, cashews - all contain carbs)
🍯 Nut butters (contains carbs)