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The Mini Macro Challenge

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Sunday, December 2nd—SUNDAY, December 9th

Come join us for a 7-day mini challenge that will give you a taste of what to expect in THE MACRO CHALLENGE. You will receive a week chalk full of resources for FREE, including our “Beginner’s Guide to Macros” (24-page e-book) that explains all about macros & has valuable information to get you kick-started that we have given exclusively to challengers in the past, but are now opening it up to y’all!

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What to Expect for The Mini Macro Challenge:

daily emails with macro tips & tricks

mindfulness theme of the week (“the challenge of change”)

coordinating mindfulness worksheet

get all your questions answered that week using our “ask the gals” button

3 macro-friendly recipes

4 workouts of the day

(you will need a lighter set of dumbbells & a heavier set of dumbbells)

$100 miss congeniality prize for winner of hashtag challenge

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