Nutrition Labels

Nutrition Label.jpg

You should always be able to see the fat, carbohydrate, and protein content on a nutrition label.  As we mentioned earlier each macronutrient has a caloric value. Doing our own math we can see how the calorie totals are calculated:

  • Fat = 9 calories per gram so 8F x 9 = 72 calories
  • Carbs = 4 calories per gram so 37C x 4 = 148 calories
  • Protein = 4 calories per gram so 3P x 4 = 12 calories
  • The calorie total = 72 + 148 + 12 = 232 calories


Note the serving size! Nutrition information is calculated based on the recommended serving size. This is typically listed as a volume measurement (teaspoon, tablespoon, milliliter, cup). We love it when the label includes the serving size weight in grams--it makes life "weigh" easier. In the example listed above the serving size is: 2/3 cup (volume) 55 grams (weight). Did you see there are approximately 8 servings in the container? Don’t assume that one package or one container is one serving size!


We liken counting macros to living on a budget. Your macros are your cash--and it’s your money so spend it wisely and on what matters to you. Since all foods can be included, your perspective will sharpen on what foods are ‘worth it’ to you and what foods are not!