Office Hour Replays

 How To Get the Most out of office hours:

The key to getting the most out of office hours is participation and coming when you can!  We are confident that the members who utilize all that the Mindful Macros Membership has to offer will have the greatest success. Sometimes all you need for clarity is to talk it out or hear someone else talk it out. So don't miss out on all the opportunities to learn & grow from this community!

Office hours Replays:

FAQ Session: not being able to meet calories, high volume vs. low volume food, making macros fit your lifestyle, and unconditional human worth

FAQ Session: the truth about hitting protein and overall calories, decreased energy in workouts, energy loss in a deficit, trade-offs when deciding how aggressive to make your cut, making outcome-based decisions

FAQ Session: what to do when you're not seeing results, keto, carb cycling, different coaches you giving you different macros and which to follow, macros and breastfeeding, and what a full day of eating might look like

FAQ Session: tracking & how to hit macros, tetris game w/ food & how to make macros fit YOUR lifestyle, how to make tracking second nature, angst about the food scale, egg white omelets aren't the only way to hit your protein, how to make tracking macros more meaningful

Lesson 2: How to Break Through Weight Loss Barriers

Lesson 3: Everything Counts (and we ain’t talking macros!)

How to Calculate a Recipe: step-by-step tutorial on how to calculate a recipe so that you can reach your goals AND eat the foods you love. Including dinner with your family!

FAQ Session: what successful meal prep looks like, why meal prepping could be ruining your efforts, how to make a realistic plan you'll actually follow through on, letting go of old dieting rules

FAQ Session: workout schedule & progressive overload, what matters when it comes to working out & body recomposition, “hoarding” macros, repentance dieting, do you add calories in for the next day if you under-eat one day?, macro & calorie discrepancy in my fitness pal

Lesson 4: The Power of You

Lesson 6: Self-Limiting Beliefs

10/22 1-on-1 Strategy Session: when you don’t feel like the scale is reflecting the hard work you’ve been putting in & when you can’t seem to get into a groove again with tracking

10/22 1-on-1 Strategy Session: feeling anxious about being out of routine (kids home for fall break, vacations, going on a weekend trip, traveling, etc…)

10/28 FAQ Session: importance of taking measurements in a reverse, what does it mean if you eat better when you workout?, why habits matter equally as much as macros, diet breaks, what to do when you struggle with motivation & consistency

11/4 FAQ Session: why do I need protein if I don’t lift weights, difference between calorie counting & macros, how to approach the holidays, the purpose & importance of maintenance, what that “lean & toned” look really takes to achieve, managing stress & emotions for fat loss

11/5 FAQ Session: the importance of fiber & how to increase it, reverse dieting, struggling with traveling & macros, shifting focus on what you DO have control over when you’re in an out of the norm situation, viewing your choices on a good/better/best sliding scale

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