FREE Emotional Eating Workshop & Workbook

Are you drained mentally and emotionally? Are the sugar and junk food cravings stronger than ever?  Do you often feel out of control around particular foods, then overeat until you feel sick?  Which leads you to feeling ashamed and anxious?  Only to repeat the cycle the next day or weekend?


Does the following cycle look familiar to you?

Feel stressed, anxious, upset, etc.
Feel guilty and ashamed for overeating.
Feel more stressed, anxious, upset, etc.
Vow to “do better”.
White-knuckle a new diet, and/or make rigid “rules”.
Feel stressed, anxious, upset, etc.
Repeat the cycle.

If this hits a little too close to home, then watching Ashton’s Facebook Live on Emotional Eating and How to Break the Chain might be just what you need to hear.

We want you to know YOU CAN OVERCOME THIS.

There is hope and freedom to be had, and we want to give you some insight and tools to help you on your way to quit overeating forever.  We plan on you leaving our chat feeling empowered and capable because guess what?


We also have a free workbook from The Macro Challenge that we hope you find beneficial and encouraging.  Something that will help you on your way to food freedom and overcoming emotional eating forever.  We believe in you.  You CAN overcome this.  We know because we are living proof.

Use the button below to download your Emotional Eating Workbook. We know that as you use this guide to help you on your way to overcoming emotional eating you’ll find clarity & great success.

If you enjoy the workshop, then you’ll LOVE what we have to offer in our transformative 8-week program, The Macro Challenge. To learn more about what we offer and get on the list to save your spot for the next challenge, sign up below to be a member of our “Macro Mail” subscribers. “Macro Mail” members get early access to registration as well as freebies, articles on all things fitness & nutrition, special discounts, and more!

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