Ugh...Plateaus. The big bad wolf of the weight loss world. The dreaded, evil, frustrating time when that number on the scale WILL NOT BUDGE.

You’ve been sticking to your macros like a CHAMP.  

You’ve been consistently hitting your macros +/-5 grams day in and day out. You just can’t seem to get past this spot you’ve been stuck at!

Talk about frustrating and almost completely defeating. BUT DON’T FRET!  We’ve got some exciting news.  Okay...maybe it’s not exciting, but we do have some troubleshooting that we can do to help you get past that nasty plateau!

For starters let’s clear something up: it is almost inevitable that you will plateau at some point in your weight loss journey. Many people with a fair amount of weight to lose can see results quickly in the beginning...but as you continue to move forward, things may start to slow.

You may notice that weight isn’t coming off as quickly...or isn’t coming off anymore period.

If you do achieve your goal before hitting a plateau, you are the exception-- you lucky dog you!  For the rest of’s some info about what to do when a plateau hits.

Plateaus typically hit because the stress of working out and dieting has caught up to you.  You can slowly cut more calories or you can add a few conditioning sessions, but HIT A WALL. Your body is telling you “no more”. It has been pulled in opposite directions for too long.  The human body has evolved and adapted since the dawn of time and it is designed to survive.  A plateau is your body surviving so to speak.


You can at this point do one of a few things:


You don’t want to cut a lot, but just enough to continue the downward trend on the scale. This is only an option until we reach the point where your numbers are getting too low to sustain your activity levels and/or if you’re just plain hangry. There is NO reason to be hangry.


If you have lost more than 10 lbs., you MAY need to readjust your numbers based off of your new weight.  This is where your coach comes in handy!


A. If things start to slow down, you might want to increase your calories for a “refeed” meal, or add in reversal calories for a week or two.

B. If your weight loss has COMPLETELY come to a standstill, it’s could be time to reverse to maintenance and give your body a break for 1+ months. This is especially likely if you have an extensive history of dieting. Reversing will get your metabolism into good standing and give your body the fuel it needs to promote muscle growth and body composition change.

All in all, this is something that looks different for everyone!!  We can help you navigate this process, and what will work best for you individually when the time comes!  Overcoming a plateau looks different for everyone, and we want you to find the most successful route both physically AND mentally.  If you ever have any questions, reach out to us with your questions on our Facebook page, so others participating in the challenge can get their questions answered too!

Bottom line, don’t be discouraged by plateaus.  As frustrating as they can be, it’s all part of the process, and we ALL experience them.  While terribly frustrating, plateaus are also an opportunity to become more in tune with your body and learn how to fuel your body properly and ultimately reach your goals!