Our Stories

The Macro Gals

Counting macros allowed us to be in charge of our own nutrition. It allowed us to harness that power and create the changes in our bodies that we wanted to see. It taught us how to fuel our bodies for stable energy and performance.

It’s not a value system—there are no “good” or “bad” foods, and we’ve found that becoming less judgmental of food has the super positive side effect of helping you become less judgemental of yourself...and others!

As coaches our goal is to teach you a lifestyle—

a shift from diet culture and deprivation,

to know the power of decisions without restrictions,

to discover what’s worth it,

& to find delicious balance that is inclusive of everything you want out of life.

Through this process we’ve learned a lot about what we like, what we really want and who we really are.

And we want to show you how.


Natalie's Story

Q: What led you to macros?

A: Heidi! We do everything together, especially eat, so it made sense to do it together!

Q: What’s your history with dieting/food?

A: I’ve done it all. Weight Watchers, South Beach, Sugar busters, low-carb, starving. I’ve always struggled with my weight, even in High School. I love food. Trying new restaurants and types of food is a hobby and I refuse to give it up!

Q: Why did macros stick for you?

A: Last year I hit rock bottom, I was 183 lbs and it was buy a size 16 or do something about it. I was ready to take on anything, no matter how complicated! It was the first time in forever I actually saw a change! It was revelatory that sticking to these numbers and exercising would give me the help I needed to reach my goals. I love that nothing was excluded and that with some macromatics I could fit even my favorites and never feel deprived. I don’t have to miss out on anything! I’ve lost 42 and am still working towards my goals.

Q: Interests/Hobbies?

A: I love cooking and trying new restaurants. Butters is my passion right now as is helping others find the food freedom and ways to live and love macros.

Q: Family life?

A: I’ve been married 16 years and have 5 children 3 girls 2 boys (11, 9, 6, 4, 2)

Q: What I’m about and what’s important to me?

A: I’m about feeling good in my own skin and ever evolving. Being unapologetic about who I am and the things I love. Being kind and receptive and championing the underdog. Raising my kids to be loving and accepting and not being jerks!


Heidi's Story

Q: What led you to macros?

A: I felt frustrated that I was working out and not seeing great results.

Q: What’s your history with dieting/food?

A: Tried Weight Watchers and a few other diets, but I could never commit to a meal plan. Plus what do you do after? Just gain all the weight back, THAT is what you do.

Q: Why did macros stick for you?

A: It was a learning curve—for sure—but so empowering to understand the basics of nutrition and what MY body needs.

Q: Interests/Hobbies?

A: Nutrition (obv), self-improvement, rock & roll, autism, fitness, traveling, cooking

Q: Family life?

A: Married with 3 kids (10, 8 & 6). Our youngest has Autism.

Q: What are you about?  What's important to you?

A: I saw a terrible movie years ago that had one good line: “once you’ve seen the truth, everything else is just cheap whiskey”. I’m not even a drinker but I like that sentiment. The older I get the less interested I am in “supposed to’s” or “shoulds”. I’m about living my priorities: identifying the people & things that are of value to me and unapologetically focusing my energy & passion on them.

Q: What’s important to me?

A: Honesty, family and being a bad-ass.

Q: A bit more?

A: A few years ago I decided I would give working out regularly a shot. I had never committed to regular exercise and I was pretty self-conscious and embarrassed to really try. I'm so prone to calling myself an idiot and giving up. But after a series of tough hits from life, I knew I needed a positive change in my life. I didn't want to set myself up for failure so I started out reaaaal easy: working out at home..my own music, my own pace, private & unlimited bathroom breaks (3 kids you know...).

Soon challenging myself no longer felt like punishment, it became exhilarating.  I try to exercise everyday, whenever and however I can make it work and I truly love it. I have felt myself get stronger physically but even better I have felt myself get stronger emotionally. Gaining confidence in myself--NOT from how I LOOK--but from how hard I can work. And I'm SO proud of that.

My commitment to exercise is what lead me to macros. I wanted to understand HOW to actually eat better instead of randomly dumping chia seeds on everything or following a strict meal plan (prison).

Counting macros was super challenging at first because a) it's change and b) well..math. I was truly shocked at how much I had been sabotaging myself through my eating habits. It's not about denial, it's a ratios game, and if you want it bad enough you can absolutely have it.

Counting helps me keep perspective and balance goals and rewards. Not that I'm perfect, I'm more of a B student, but I'm so good with that.This journey has empowered me and strengthened me and strangely enough, made me less judgmental of others.

I know how hard won my battles have been and I know how good it feels to have done it my way--and I want that for everyone. Whether you're a runner or a weightlifter or an aerobics lover, whether you're just starting out or a you're a pro--there's room for everybody to feel the sun.



Ashton's Story

Q: What led you to macros?

A: Sick and tired of Tupperware life and cutting things out to reach my goals.

Q: What's your history with dieting/food?

A: Cutting out sugar, vegetarian, gluten-free, whole 30, paleo, the Master Cleanse (lemon juice & cayenne pepper...yeah that happened, DO NOT DO), strict meal plans, meal prep life/tupperware life, "clean eating", diet bets.  When I say I've done it all, I mean it.  I found success after having my baby girl with tupperware life, but there I was 4 months later having lost my baby weight and was like wait....WHAT NOW?  I didn't want to do the tupperware life forever!

Q: Why did macros stick for you?

A: It completely healed my relationship with food.  I found food freedom.  I found a way to reach my goals and not lose my sanity.  I found a way to fit in treats without feeling like because I had a treat, all was lost, and I had to "start fresh" the next day.  I'll never forget my son's 1st birthday, and I had the most random and amazing revelation that I had found FOOD FREEDOM.  I celebrated his special day with cake and ice cream and all sorts of amazing food.  No guilt.  No starting over.  Just LIVING & LOVING LIFE.

Q: Interests/Hobbies?

A: Crossfit, weightlifting, nutrition, baking, photography

Q: Family life?

A: Married for 4 years to who I affectionately call "Buns" because he's got a juicy behind.  Also the younger brother of Heidi.  So she hates that nickname.  Which makes it all the more fun.  I have 2 kids, 1 girl (5), 1 boy (3).

Q: What I'm about and what's important to me?

A: Honoring who I am.  As a mother.  As a wife.  And as Ashton.   I believe in pursuing your passions.  I believe in kindness.  I believe in not taking yourself too seriously.  I believe in meaningful relationships.  And Netflix.  I believe in Netflix and chill.

I mostly love working with women to help them overcome unhealthy relationships with food AND with themselves.  We are so hard on ourselves as women, and I know this from personal experience.  I believe in pushing yourself to do hard things but also accepting yourself as you are.

I believe food is so much more than food, and our relationship with it needs to be understood in order to make lasting changes.  We have to dig a little deeper and look past our nutrition and diet.  My journey had a lot more to do with what was going on INSIDE of me, my mind & heart, than it had to do with food.  My relationship with food was an outward manifestation of all the jumbled up emotions & experiences in my life.  Macros gave me the freedom to make nutrition simple, so I could heal inwardly as much as I wanted to change outwardly.

I just want women to know they're bad-A, stronger than they think, and better than they think they are. That they CAN do hard things! If I can do, I know you can do it! Seriously. I'm such a mess. It is possible, and I want women to feel the freedom of a flexible approach to nutrition!