The Power of You

Your power as a person comes from the fact that your worth is unconditional and unchangeable.

Your unconditional human worth mean that you are important and valuable as a person because your essential, core self is unique and precious; of infinite, eternal, unchanging value; and good. Unconditional human worth implies that you are as precious as any other person.

But when we believe that our worth is somehow in question--that might not be good enough--that’s when we compare ourselves to others or what we think we “should” be. We make assumptions like:

When I make a mistake or do something stupid my value goes down.

I am not pretty/smart/funny/popular/skinny enough--so I am less than other people.

I accomplished this thing so I am more important than someone else

I would never do what he did, or say what she said--so I am better.

If human value is changeable then you only get to feel good about yourself based on external factors that may or may not be within our control. Things like:

Energy level






Race, ethnicity, skin color

Scholastic achievement, grades




Creative ability


Material advantages





Position and status

Physical fitness


Net value or market worth





Family image

Parents status or character

Personality traits

Marriage status

People you date


Being right

State of the economy


But worth as a person is independent of these externals.

If you believe that human worth--YOUR worth--can change then you also believe that there are some people that are better or more valuable than others. The two go together.

And if you believe that you’re going to have this JUDGEMENT mindset AGAINST yourself and AGAINST others. You will see some people as better than you and you will criticize yourself and other times you will criticize other people and see them as less than you.

Unconditional human worth is beautifully described by 5 axioms, called Howard’s Laws based on the work of Claudia Howard (1992).

ALL have infinite, eternal and unconditional core worth as people.

All have EQUAL core worth as people. Core worth in not comparative or competitive. Although you might be better at sports, academics or business, and I might be better with social skills, we both have equal worth as human beings.

Externals neither add to nor diminish our core worth. Externals include things like money, looks, performance, and achievements. These only increase one’s market or social worth. Core worth as a person, however, is infinite and unchanging.

Core worth is stable and never in jeopardy (even if someone rejects you).

Core worth doesn’t have to be earned or proved. It already exists. IT IS. Just recognize, accept and appreciate it.

The things you do or say or create in this life cannot increase or decrease your worth. We all have strengths. We all have weaknesses. What are yours?

Use our Self Awareness Reflection and our Behavior Awareness Worksheet to deepen your understanding of what drives you--so you can live your life with more purpose and intention!