The “Whoosh” Effect

We often refer to losing weight as "burning fat". This implies that our diet & exercise is converting fat stores into energy we can use for activity--which is kinda true but that doesn't mean that fat just "burns up" and disappears. (There's research that indicates most of it converts to carbon dioxide and we might 🌬BREATHE OUT as much as 84% of our fat loss. Whaaaa???). But our fat cells don't disappear, they SHRINK! And it's extremely common for water to swoop in & fill up the space.

This means that you could be losing fat but water retention is preventing you from seeing that progress on the scale.

Said another way: the reduction in your total body weight is being counter-balanced by an increase in water weight. This water retention can last for days or weeks at a time 🗓. This is one of the reasons fat loss isn't a linear progression--you may see great results one week not followed by several frustrating "trust the process" weeks.

There is evidence that an untracked/ "treat" meal can trigger the "whoosh" and of course it can also happen in a reverse! Eventually though the water retention will release (WHOOSH) and you'll notice a gratifying change in fat loss and your appearance. #whoosh

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