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we are the macro challenge alumni.

Best part of the The Macro Challenge? (well, top 5) Access to a community of over a hundred other macro counters at the tip of your fingers. Best part of The Macro Challenge Alumni? Access to an intimate community where you will get more specialized attention from your coaches and peers. Join us inside our exclusive Facebook group for Alumni...

TASK #1 // join the facebook group

Make sure to join the Facebook group. Click here to join. All Facebook requests will be approved within 1-2 business days.

TASK #2 // introduce yourself

Introduce yourself! Once you're approved, check out this post and make sure to create an introduction video. Drop your Instagram handle in the comments so everyone can find/follow you online. This is a community that supports and encourages each other. We are a team!

We want to know:

-- your name and where you're from (duh)

-- a little bit about who you are (job, family, hobbies)

-- why you’re here or what interested you about macros

-- your goal for the next month that has nothing to do with the scale

TASK #3 // share your questions

Share your initial burning questions!

The final thing to do once you're approved to our community is to check out this post and share 1-2 things you'd love help learning from us in The Macro Challenge Alumni over the next few months. This helps curate a coaching experience that is customized to YOU! When you post, give as much context as you can in the comments!

TASK #4 // fill out this quick survey

Fill out this quick survey! This will help us get a better idea of who you are and why you’re here!

TASK #5 // Visit Alumni home page