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we are the macro challenge.

Best part of the The Macro Challenge? (well, top 5) Access to a community of over a hundred other macro counters at the tip of your fingers. Join us inside our private Facebook community and team...

TASK #1 // join the facebook group

Make sure to join the Facebook group. Click here to join. All Facebook requests will be approved within 1-2 business days.

TASK #2 // introduce yourself

Introduce yourself! Once you're approved, check out this post and make sure to create an introduction video. Drop your Instagram handle in the comments so everyone can find/follow you online. This is a community that supports and encourages each other. We are a team!

We want to know:

-- your name and where you're from (duh)

-- a little bit about who you are (job, family, hobbies)

-- why you’re here or what interested you about macros

-- your 8 week goal for this challenge that has nothing to do with the scale

TASK #3 // share your questions

Share your most burning questions!

The final thing to do once you're approved to our community is to check out this post and share 1-2 things you'd love help learning from us in The Macro Challenge over the next 8 weeks. This helps us curate a challenge that is customized to YOU!

TASK #4 // fill out this quick survey

Fill out this quick survey!