Week 7 Outline

Theme: "I AM"

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This week we want to hear all about your non-scale victories!  That scale is a pesky little bugger, and we hope that it's not the only thing you're using to gauge your progress! Success is more than the number on the scale and you are more than the number on the scale.  Below your coach Natalie shares her own story about Non-Scale Victories, and we're excited to hear your stories!  Tag us using the hashtag above, and let's spread the word that you are more than a number.

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Natalie’s Non-Scale Victory

I never want to forget what it feels like to start. I want to always remember it. It's easy for people who have accomplished their goals to tell you that you can do it! Just believe in yourself! Trust the process! But I very much remember the beginning. It was scary, hard, doubtful, defeating and wonderful all at the same time.

Shopping at Target last night reminded me of my beginning. My fave jeans had holes in the crotch. So I went, grabbed my usual size, headed to the dressing room and they didn't fit. No. They weren't too big. They were too small. It had to be this cut. Not enough stretch. Bend bend waist pull waist pull. Huh. Maybe another pair. Weird. These were tight too. Maybe they changed their sizing. Maybe I should come in the morning. Maybe.

I went back to the jeans table. Looked for the next size, all the way at the bottom of the pile. There they were. Did I want to try? No. No I did not. I didn't because I was scared they would FIT. I left with tears in my eyes. I wouldn't, I couldn't buy the next size up. I had 3 sizes in my closet already each one the next size up from the previous. All of them kept with the best intentions of getting back into them.

I'll never forget that day, because that was the day I decided I had to do something different. All the things that I was doing weren't working. I was desperate for change. I just wanted to fit in my jeans. Any of them.

NON SCALE VICTORIES. THEY'RE THE MOST IMPORTANT. That was my first delegated NSV. Get into my pants. And when that happened. Get into the next ones down. They measured my progress better than the scale ever could. They showed me. They were the proof.

Deliberately EMBRACE your NSVs. Acknowledge them openly! Celebrate every single one. They're more motivating and validating than anything else out there. They're defining and real and liberating. They're what you want! They're the pants.


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