Week 8 Outline

Theme: "Strength in Numbers"

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This week we want to hear all about who and what inspires you! Let’s lift each other up by sharing a favorite inspiring quote using the hashtag above and tagging us on Instagram! Go ahead and tag a few friends or influences that inspire you to be a better version of yourself!

Note from your coaches:

It is at this point in the program that our Challengers sometimes get very nervous! They are afraid they will not keep themselves accountable or they will lose inspiration. We encourage you to use the Challenge Reflection to help you redirect & refocus for after this challenge. But we also encourage you to continue to utilize a support system! Sometimes the very best inspiration is support! We can get so excited about goals and possibilities but when the road gets bumpy it sends us running back to “the old ways.” During these bumpy times it’s powerful to have someone to turn to and say “Giving up sounds awesome right now!” or “Does anybody understand?” A supportive person can inspire us to stay on the path by simply reminding us that it’s supposed to get bumpy. They can share stories and experiences that resonate and refuel us. We love all the inspiration y’all share in the Facebook group & how you support & love one another!

What are some other ways that you can stay inspired?


A word from your coaches about how macros has changed them…

Workouts of the Day (WODS):

Week 8 WODs

Recipes of the Week:

Creamy Chicken Chowder and More

Shopping Guide Highlights:

 We have an exciting announcement! We are releasing our The Macro Challenge Shopping Guide in its entirety to you! It includes all the shopping highlights up to this point as well as the new highlights for Week 7 and 8, as well as some suggested ways to use some of these grocery items! We hope you enjoy! Happy shopping!

The Macro Challenge Shopping Guide 

Mindfulness Exercise:

Reading: Hitting the Reset Button

Worksheets: Ranking Your Overall Wellness & Challenge Reflection