Week 4 “Ask the Gals” Q&A

I dislocated my shoulder and I cannot work my upper body yet I have been walking and doing some core and bum exercises is there anything else I could do?

Booty bands are great! They’re super versatile. Walking lunges, jump squats, biking, running, pulse squats, banded hip thrusts keeping tension in the band….basically any body weight movements are going to be your friend! And be patient. Let your shoulder recover fully. The WORST thing you could do is get back at it too quickly, and injure yourself even more.

I have been on target but I nothing has changed in 3 weeks, should I decrease my macros and if so how much?

First off, 3 weeks is a VERY short time.  You can’t put a timeline on this process. Seriously.  Don’t do it. If you’re not seeing progress you need to think about a few things first...

Are you hitting your macros 7/7 days within +/-5g? Please read up in the “Beginner’s Guide to Macros” about consistency.

Are you weighing and tracking your food? BLTs, the whole she-bang!

Are you getting enough sleep? Minimum of 8 hours each night.

Are you drinking enough water? Minimum of 100 oz each day.

If you absolutely feel like you have hit rock bottom and aren’t seeing ANY progress after being completely consistent, you can drop 50-100 calories in the form of 2g fat/8g carbs or 4g fat/16g carbs.

I have injured my knee and workouts have stopped. I am still trying to walk a couple miles a week with rehab’s ok. Should I change my macros?

After an injury where you know you’ll be out for 4+ weeks, you can reduce -3 fat and -15 carbs and see how that feels. You don’t want to immediately slash a bunch of calories. Exercise makes a difference in your TDEE for sure--but there’s not a ton of room to go below your cutting numbers--more than one or two subtractions of -3 and -15 and you’re getting TOO low.

I’m going on a vacation with my husband for our anniversary. How do I handle going on vacation without losing progress!?

#1 Decide if you will be tracking or not. This is only for you to decide--sometimes you need a mental break and have memories and going-with-the-flow be the focus. Other times--you need the stability and don’t want to sabotage a streak of good behavior! So…

If you ARE NOT going to track: go in peace.

If you ARE going to track…

Bring fail-safe’s with you (protein powder/shakes/bars, jerky, any grab & go snacks you can).

Brainstorm a strategy based on the type of trip you are going on. What meals will cost you the most macros? Go lighter on the other meals so you can leave plenty of room for the meals that will cost you. Look at the nutrition info of where you’re eating or look at the #thatmacrobutterlife posts that talk about reading a menu. How to eat a donut (i.e. a treat you don’t have info on) and going out for mexican/ italian/ asian/ breakfast/ ice cream etc!

Strategizing is one thing--but stressing about what you eat could actually be worse for you than anything you actually eat. So be reasonable about your choices and use the knowledge you’ve gained about portion sizes and ratios--and you’ll be fine.

Whichever path you choose...Enjoy yourself. Be active! Try to at least hit your protein! Come back with no regrets and be ready to jump back in!!

The holidays are already in full swing over here, and I’m feeling a little defeated with how I’m going to make this work through the holidays. Any tips? HELP.

We hear ya sista!!! Somehow we had the impression that after a crazy summer--life was going to slow down. That has NOT happened for us and it has NOT happened for you!!! Many of you are incredibly busy/ traveling/ moving/ rebuilding...on and on and on. Our advice? Give yourself a break and a push--kinda like a firm handshake. Life went nuts, maybe you didn’t track, maybe you went way over or even way under...give yourself a break for what has happened--it doesn’t matter anymore. What does matter is today. What does matter is your commitment to yourself. No more excuses. You CAN do this. SO DO IT.

Some more THINGS TO THINK ABOUT on this topic….


Setting short-term and long-term goals are very important, especially if you have just started your fitness journey. If you need a small extra motivation try to set daily goals, When you wake up each morning, set an objective to achieve, and write it down. Believe what you write so you will want to achieve it. Your goal can be anything you want, it's something you can achieve that day. They can be focused towards your nutrition or exercise goals. You can try to add 8 pounds to your last set of bench press, do one more rep on your squats, or spend 15 more minutes doing cardio. By setting a goal you give each day of effort a purpose.


To stay motivated long-term you should definitely keep recording your progress! Keeping track will help you notice that your efforts are being rewarded (and also when they are not!!). Take pictures of your body or record videos, weigh and measure yourself weekly. Remember that inches mean more than the number on the scale!!!


After you achieve a goal--recognize it and reward yourself. Ideally it will be a non-food related reward or a reasonable end-of-night treat (that fits your macros of course!). Constantly remind yourself of your goal and why you started your health & fitness plan.


Macro counting solo can be a total drag. Engaging online is great--but if you can find a IRL human to count with you--DO IT!! It really helps to have someone to talk to & share tips and tricks with!!